Prairie Girl || Savannah, GA Fashion Photography

Oh man. I don’t even know where to begin. I am so beyond happy with this shoot! For my final in my fashion photography class I did a little house on the prairie/frontier inspired editorial shoot. Molly Strohl modeled for me, and did an amazing job. Her look was so perfect for the shoot and I loved being able to work with her! Baille Younkman and Elizabeth Wilcox (aka two of my favorite people ever) collaborated with the styling. Oh my goodness, they did such a good job. A million gold stars for them. We did the shoot in two locations. First we started off at Wormsloe Historic Site and then we went to my new favorite secret but not so secret location, a dirt road/open field just across from Old Fort Jackson. The weather was lovely, the light was lovely…everything was lovely! Anyways, here are my favorite selects from the shoot!


©Rebecca Kline


Liz || Savannah, GA Fashion Photography

One of my assignments for my fashion photography class was to do a natural light shoot. I collaborated with stylist Baille Younkman, who is so talented and such a creative inspiration. I went for a Free People/Anthropologie style (my fav) and found an amazing dirt road/open field location across from Old Fort Jackson.  Liz Fuller modeled for the shoot, and let me say that I could not have found a better model – she fit the look perfectly and she was so great to work with! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!

Model: Liz Fuller
Styling: Baille Younkman
Jewelry: Baille Younkman
Bag: Spencer Malinski
Yellow skirt: Julia Patton










©Rebecca Kline

Sunny || Savannah, GA Fashion Photography

I recently did a studio shoot with Sunny for my fashion photography class. I was inspired by Modcloth, Kimbra’s “Cameo Lover” music video, and all things bright and adorable. While I usually do natural light shoots, it’s always fun to change it up a bit and do some studio stuff. Sunny was such a trooper for this shoot – I had her jumping in platforms and we experienced a bunch of technical issues, which she patiently waited as I fixed them. Of course, the always incredible Baille Younkman styled the shoot. Clearly, she did an amazingly wonderful job. Check out some of my favorites from the shoot!




©Rebecca Kline

Always Something.

Elizabeth here. That girl that ends up in most of the Rebecca Kline photographs. Yep, that’s me. Bec’s asked me to write the description for this blog post, and I gladly accepted. This photo shoot came about like most of our others, a strong creative desire within us that had reached its tipping point- time for some true creative expression. I love collaborating with Rebecca because she gives me a lot of freedom to design the shoot- through the setting, style, and my personal favorite, the outfits. After looking through countless fashion editorials online, we get together to put together clothes that translate the message we want to send [this shoot required a much needed trip to Forever 21]. The driving force behind this fashion story was one thing: pretty. I simply wanted to do a shoot that celebrated feminine beauty and girly ensembles. Rebecca is so good at capturing people’s natural and unique beauty on camera, so I knew that she would be great at portraying my personal vision. This shoot sent us on a memorable adventure into the back roads of Bloomingdale, GA, into the arms of a magical field with hay bales and rows of trees. And also under the watchful eyes of a local cop. No big deal. After all, what law officer is going to get mad at two girls in lipstick and top hats. Not one.

I love doing each and every shoot that I do with Rebecca, and as her model, close friend, and roommate, I am astounded at how she improves each time. Her photographs speak louder than any words and translate emotions more than any silly blog post. I am honored to be a part of her work and hope that one day we can look back and remember our days as the photographer and stylist exploring the fields of Georgia, without a care in the world.

p.s. Got to snap a few pictures of Becs. Of course she edited them beautifully and they are at the end. She also has on the cutest outfit of the day!

©Rebecca Kline


Meet Cristen, an upcoming senior at Stratford High School. I had so much fun taking Cristens senior photos while I was home in Houston. She was great to work with and I loved her style – I wanted all of her outfits! Check out some of my favorite photos from the shoot!

©Rebecca Kline


It’s been a while since I’ve done a post. I have been super busy – in a good way. I am about to finish up my winter quarter here at SCAD. This quarter has been busy, but not nearly as stressful as fall quarter (Hallelujah I never have to take 3D design ever again!!). I have been busy with lots of projects as usual as well as lot’s of fun photo shoots. So to catch everyone up, here is one big blog post of all my latest shoots and news. Enjoy!

First, if you didn’t notice, I changed my blog banner. Again. Ughh, I know, I change that thing every 2 seconds. I always tell myself I need to keep one for a really long time so it doesn’t confuse people, but I get tired of the one I have up and decide I don’t like the design as much as I did when I first made it. Oy. So I’m sorry I keep changing it. 😦

One thing that I’m pretty excited to share is that I got a summer internship here in Savannah with The South Magazine. It is a magazine that highlights the heritage and happenings of the South, and is published in four states, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Florida. I will have different assignments for the magazine such as photographing portraits of people, doing fashion shoots, or assisting professional photographers. I’m pretty excited!

Now to catch up on shoots. I guess I’ll post starting with my most recent shoot and work my way to the oldest.

Color Technique Final

I am taking a color technique photography class this quarter. We are basically studying how color effects photographs. For our final we have to do a series of photographs with a specific concept/theme, making sure we include the techniques we learned throughout the quarter. For my series I decided to photograph different models through windows. The windows create a distorted yet beautiful effect. The mood of the photos give off a dream like effect, and the window symbolizes a barrier between our dreams and reality. Here are the shots that I came up with 🙂 (Models: Peyton Biggs, Amelia Fleming, Catherine Miller, Lacy Lovell)

Makala’s Portfolio

Makala Milliken is a fashion design major here at SCAD. She just got back from interviewing with Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie/Free People for a summer design internship. How cool is she? To prepare for the interview she asked me to photograph some of her pieces that she designed/made. Take a look at Makala’s amazing designs! (Models: Abigail Evans, Elizabeth Wilcox, Paige Carpenter)

70’s Inspired Shoot

I was asked to photograph a 70’s inspired collection for a group of fashion stylists here at SCAD. The group styled 2 different models, using different vintage as well as modern clothing and jewelry pieces. Take a look at some of the shots from the shoot! (Stylists: Stylists: Kailey Powell, Juliana Sullivan, Crystal Dombeck, Heather Stowell…Jewelry by Micha/Laura Michelle Gomes…Models: Elizabeth Wilcox, Catherine Miller)

Expressive Color

For one of my color technique projects I photographed different models shooting through a crystal chandelier. (Like the self portrait shots I posted earlier). Here are some of the photos I came up with

©Rebecca Kline

Yay updates!



Jewelry Shoot

Last weekend I got to photograph jewelry made by the talented Maeghen Siegel. Maeghen made two beautiful and conceptual pieces – a ring, which looks like a nest, and a bronze bracelet. I had a lot of fun shooting the jewelry. Since they were both such organic pieces I shot them in a nature setting. My beautiful roommate Elizabeth, modeled the jewelry. (We’re pretty much a team here at SCAD!) Enjoy the photos!

©Rebecca Kline

Check out photos from behind the scenes that Maeghen took with her polaroid camera!

Something a little different

I recently did a shoot of the elegant Elizabeth Wilcox and the lovely Lacy Lovell. (Did you like my use of alliteration?) I wanted to go with a different style than I usually do for the project. I wanted to do an edgy fashion/beauty photo shoot. So my fabulous roommate & stylist, Elizabeth, and I did some research. After searching through blogs, websites, and magazines for inspiration, we decided that we wanted big teased hair, really pale skin (the models had flour all over their faces and arms), and bright red lips for the photos. The shoot would be divided into two parts. First, an outdoor shoot on location, and then an indoor studio shoot.

The morning of the shoot was a bit chilly, but we managed to get the first half of the shoot done pretty quickly. Elizabeth and Lacy were so great, and gave me the exact look that I was going for. (For the record, I know that some people were a little surprised by some of these photos. Yes, one of the dresses is see through, but it is a fashion shoot, and to be honest this is nothing compared to some edgy fashion photos. I am sorry if they offended anyone.) The second half of the shoot was so fun. We set up some studio lights, played around with different poses, and listened to John Mayer. We even added lace to give the photos a more abstract look.

Enjoy the photos 🙂

©Rebecca Kline

Dreams & Goals

Lately I have been thinking about what the heck I am going to do when I finish school. There are so many different things I want to do as a photographer and artist. I like to think that I’ll be able to do it all, but alas that probably won’t happen. I mean what are the chances that I’ll be a regular photographer for Vogue? HA! Anyways, I’m allowed to dream right?

Lately, my dream and goal is Anthropologie. I am obsessed with the style of Anthropologie. I love looking at the catalogs and website – it’s all just so…pretty. I would absolutely LOVE to photograph for Anthropologie one day. I mean, look at these photos…gahhh so beautiful.

Another dream would be to photograph for Gap – specifically Baby/Kids Gap. I love photographing kids and babies and I love Baby Gap ads. Those kids are so stinkin cute. Ha

What the heck? So cute!

Finally, I would love to start a photo business with someone or a group of people. I think collaborative projects are so fun and turn out so amazing because you have 2 or more creative people working together. Here are two of my favorite creative photo teams:


Anyways, those are my dreams and goals thus far. They will most likely change and I will probably be totally surprised. God has a funny sense of humor when it comes to life plans. Who knows what I’ll end up doing. Oh life.


Morning Dreams

This past Saturday I was reminded why I love photography so much. This shoot was seriously so amazing. Vintage clothes, a beautiful country setting, and my amazing roommate put together equals amazingness. My roommate Elizabeth and I woke up at 5 am Saturday morning (yep) and were seriously considering not doing the shoot because it was so dang early. But, once we got up and going we were glad we didn’t go back to sleep. We drove about 20 minutes outside of Savannah to Bloomingdale. After driving and looking around for locations we found the perfect spot. An open field with 2 small lakes surrounded by trees – it was beautiful. And there was a nice layer of fog, which added the perfect touch to the photos. (I might add that this location may or may not have been private property, and we may or may not have hopped a fence to get there, and I may or may not have face planted climbing over the fence…) The clothes for the shoot were amazing. Elizabeth is an amazing stylist and model and I love the vintage prettiness that she brings to shoots. Elizabeth wore a vintage black, lace gown, a vintage 1930’s wedding dress, and an urban outfitters inspired dress/sweater combination. Simply beautiful. Anyways, here are my favorite shots from the shoot. Enjoy!

©Rebecca Kline