I’m in Houston for spring break, so of course I had to take pictures of my adorable nephew, Grayson. I can’t believe how big he is now! So crazy. Anyways, Grayson’s mood changed a bit throughout the shoot, which made for some pretty funny and adorable photos.

At first, we were fine. A little grin, and just being cute.

Then we were just confused.

And then, we were just plain over it.

So, we took a trip to the swings, hoping to get a few smiles.

It worked!

Say what?

©Rebecca Kline


Oh so cute

When I was in Houston back in June, I of course had to take some pictures of my favorite little guy. Grayson is oh so adorable and has the most beautiful eyes in the world. Also, I cannot believe how big he is getting!! (Look how tiny he used to be!) Take a look at some of my favorite photos I took of this cutie!

©Rebecca Kline

Just Plain Cute.

One of the greatest things about going back to Houston for spring break was being able to see my family. I love living in Savannah, however sometimes it’s hard being so far away from my family. Even though I didn’t get to see my entire family while I was home, (us Klines are spread out all over the place – that’s what we get for going after our dreams.), I did get to see my mom, dad, sister Elizabeth, brother-in-law Ryan, and my sweet, stinkin adorable nephew Grayson. Grayson is 6 months now, and he is smiling, laughing and just has the cutest (sometimes not so cute when he’s cranky) personality. I did a little photo shoot of Grayson and oh my goodness he is just  plain cute. Check out the photos I took of my favorite little buddy 🙂

©Rebecca Kline

The Bakers

Over winter break I took family pictures of my wonderful sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. Grayson, my nephew, is 3 months now so he is kind of a blob in most of the pictures – but he’s a very cute blob!  Anyways, I was so happy to take these pictures. My sister is one of my best friends and she is an amazing mom. She works so hard all the time, so she deserves some nice pictures of her wonderful family. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot! Enjoy!

Ha! This one makes me laugh! ^

©Rebecca Kline

Westbrook Family

Photos from the wonderful Westbrook Family shoot at Discovery Green!

©Rebecca Kline

Baby Sadie

I recently did a photo shoot of newborn baby Sadie! She was so tiny and precious! She was a little fussy throughout the shoot, but I still managed to get some good shots of her. Here are some of my favorites!

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