Always Something.

Elizabeth here. That girl that ends up in most of the Rebecca Kline photographs. Yep, that’s me. Bec’s asked me to write the description for this blog post, and I gladly accepted. This photo shoot came about like most of our others, a strong creative desire within us that had reached its tipping point- time for some true creative expression. I love collaborating with Rebecca because she gives me a lot of freedom to design the shoot- through the setting, style, and my personal favorite, the outfits. After looking through countless fashion editorials online, we get together to put together clothes that translate the message we want to send [this shoot required a much needed trip to Forever 21]. The driving force behind this fashion story was one thing: pretty. I simply wanted to do a shoot that celebrated feminine beauty and girly ensembles. Rebecca is so good at capturing people’s natural and unique beauty on camera, so I knew that she would be great at portraying my personal vision. This shoot sent us on a memorable adventure into the back roads of Bloomingdale, GA, into the arms of a magical field with hay bales and rows of trees. And also under the watchful eyes of a local cop. No big deal. After all, what law officer is going to get mad at two girls in lipstick and top hats. Not one.

I love doing each and every shoot that I do with Rebecca, and as her model, close friend, and roommate, I am astounded at how she improves each time. Her photographs speak louder than any words and translate emotions more than any silly blog post. I am honored to be a part of her work and hope that one day we can look back and remember our days as the photographer and stylist exploring the fields of Georgia, without a care in the world.

p.s. Got to snap a few pictures of Becs. Of course she edited them beautifully and they are at the end. She also has on the cutest outfit of the day!

©Rebecca Kline

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