Kara & Joshua’s Vintage Picnic!

So, I’ve been sitting here trying to think about what I want to say about Kara and Josh’s engagement shoot. The only word that I kept thinking the whole time I was working on these was ADORABLE. These two are very much in love and they were so much fun to work with! When Kara asked me to photograph her and Josh’s engagement photos I was so excited. When she told me she wanted a vintage picnic for the shoot I was even more excited. And when Josh and Kara showed up with every vintage picnic prop you can think of, well, I pretty much freaked out… in a good way of course. This was pretty much a dream shoot for me. So take a look at some of my favorites from the shoot and enjoy! Congrats Kara and Josh!!

©Rebecca Kline

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  1. Derrick Minyard

     /  June 1, 2011

    Oh. My. Gosh!

    These are so cute!!!


    You go gurl.

  2. Shelley

     /  June 2, 2011

    Precious, just precious!


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