Something a little different

I recently did a shoot of the elegant Elizabeth Wilcox and the lovely Lacy Lovell. (Did you like my use of alliteration?) I wanted to go with a different style than I usually do for the project. I wanted to do an edgy fashion/beauty photo shoot. So my fabulous roommate & stylist, Elizabeth, and I did some research. After searching through blogs, websites, and magazines for inspiration, we decided that we wanted big teased hair, really pale skin (the models had flour all over their faces and arms), and bright red lips for the photos. The shoot would be divided into two parts. First, an outdoor shoot on location, and then an indoor studio shoot.

The morning of the shoot was a bit chilly, but we managed to get the first half of the shoot done pretty quickly. Elizabeth and Lacy were so great, and gave me the exact look that I was going for. (For the record, I know that some people were a little surprised by some of these photos. Yes, one of the dresses is see through, but it is a fashion shoot, and to be honest this is nothing compared to some edgy fashion photos. I am sorry if they offended anyone.) The second half of the shoot was so fun. We set up some studio lights, played around with different poses, and listened to John Mayer. We even added lace to give the photos a more abstract look.

Enjoy the photos 🙂

©Rebecca Kline

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